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Shifting brands into action

We create brands and we help them grow. We do that by creating a brand’s north star and connect them to human behaviours. We use behavioural science to create brand-, business- and campaign ideas that are both impactfull and effective. 

What we do

Applying behavioural insights creatively for brands and business

In today’s dynamic communications world, many of us are still using static, longstanding tools such as traditional positioning statements, with reasons to believe, rational differentiators, and personality words grafted onto a brand. While there has been a move to more customer-centric, integrated communications planning, it rarely includes actions or behaviours at its heart. While brands will continue to need their North Star — their unique DNA expressed in brand ideas and platforms — we are calling for a shift in emphasis from strategy words on a page to translation and activation of brand ideas into actions and behaviours, both internally and externally. Developing a brand behaviour blueprint with the customer at the center, instead of simply an integrated communications plan, would ensure that brands do things that mattered to their customers and the world. 

The way we do it

A six step playbook for behaviour branding

We’ve learned through research and practice that the way a company or brand behaves and acts — as well as what they do and what they make — has far greater influence on someone’s interest and involvement than any individual product or service they sell. We developed a six step playbook for building brand with a little help from behavioural science. What the founding fathers of behavioural economics have thought us, is that people do say what they think and don’t do what they say. There is a surprising power in brand and business ideas that don’t make rational sense. Behaviour brands make you feel more than they make you think.

We are proud to be working with

Bureau Nuiver is a young company, but we are proud to help shifting some fine brands into action. We work with corporates, startups and government brands and we love them all the same. We are particularly proud that we have been working with most clients for a long time. 

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